Installing Open Source HLS

Installing Open Source HLS

ROCCC your Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04 OS
Installed Eclipse IDE
Basic scripting knowledge and ability to get root access rights.

Download whole sources
1A)  Whole master archive ~290MB: ( )

wget -O

1B)  Only Ubuntu distributtion
( )

wget -O roccc-0.7.6-distribution-Ubuntu.tar.gz

Unpack distributtion ( as an example the ~/bin directory is used )
2A)  unzip -p roccc-2.0-master/roccc-distributions/roccc-0.7.6-distribution-Ubuntu.tar.gz | tar -C ~/bin -zxf –

2B) tar -C ~/bin -zxf roccc-0.7.6-distribution-Ubuntu.tar.gz

3) Copy ROCCC Eclipse plugins
sudo cp ~/bin/roccc-0.7.6-distribution-Ubuntu/GUI/ROCCC*.jar /usr/share/eclipse/plugins

4) Make symbolic links
cd /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins
sudo ln -s ../../../share/eclipse/plugins/ROCCCPCoreGenerator_0.7.6.jar .
sudo ln -s ../../../share/eclipse/plugins/ROCCCPlugin_0.7.6.jar .

5) Open user manual:

6) Run Eclipse, ignore WEB page opened to a old ROCCC web site
Follow instructions in UserManual on the page # 10 to how to set up ROCCC binaries.