Design Service

  • High level synthesis (C/C++/SystemC) for FPGA
  • Software/Hardware co-design
  • OpenCL

Tool Expertise

  • Vivado HLS
  • SDAccel (OpenCL compiler for FPGA)
  • SDSoC
  • Matlab, SysGen


Our Target Markets






RSA 2048 sign and verification running on AWS is a new addition to our product portfolio. To a big extent, this is an experiment and we are still trying to understand the customer requirements and use cases. We are happy to work together with the potential RSA 2048 users, helping you to run the existing application and/or making necessary changes. 
Please, don’t hesitate to contact us via support@zotechgroup.com






xfOpenCv library is Xilinx implementation of OpenCV for SDSoC platform. ZoTech added a demo showing how it can be run on AWS using OpenCL compiled by SDAccel. The demo is currently available from ZoTech’s github page.