Design Service

  • High level synthesis (C/C++/SystemC) for FPGA
  • Software/Hardware co-design
  • OpenCL

Tool Expertise

  • Vivado HLS
  • SDAccel (OpenCL compiler for FPGA)
  • ROCCC (open source C compiler for FPGA)
  • MXP (reconfigurable vector processor)
  • Matlab, SysGen




What We Doproducts

We develop and implement FPGA applications using High Level Synthesis (C/C++) and modern FPGA programming tools. Our designs run at maximum efficiency with performance that matches Verilog or VHDL designs.


How We Can Helppartners

We provide design services, training, and development and integration of custom libraries depending on what is required. Our typical design flow starts from a behavioral model, then we work through the process of creating a robust testbench environment, then implement an optimized design that runs at the maximum speed allowed by the underlying FPGA technology.


Working Together


We are passionate about working together with the forefront of the academic research community as well as R&D from several industry leading companies. We also have strong relationships with distributors and field representatives in many locations around the globe. Our focus is on developing new approaches to building dedicated computation engines and introducing new programming methodologies for FPGAs or other similar types of hardware devices. By combining strong fundamental digital hardware design skills with the latest advances in FPGA programming techniques, we are able to move into new areas of design complexity without sacrificing raw performance. We can work hands-on with your team to incorporate High Level Synthesis techniques into your design flow and help you achieve the next level of performance.